Sheriff Bieber: Wisconsin cop with famous last name campaigns to be top lawman

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Criminals beware – step on the wrong side of the law in Shawano County, Wisconsin, and you may soon be confronted by Sheriff Bieber.

Let that roll around your head for a moment.

Ok, it’s not that Bieber.

The “Beebs” in question is Adam Bieber, a local cop who is campaigning to be Shawano County’s top lawman.



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    “A lot of people have been asking me about Justin Bieber,” Officer Bieber told WSAW News in Wisconsin. “When I ran I did not think Justin Bieber would be a big deal in this election.”

    Officer Bieber has been a patrol cop in the Shawano County Sherriff’s Department since the Beebs was in Kindergarten.

    He’s coached youth baseball and wrestling, and is running on a platform of fiscal conservatism and enhanced crime prevention.

    He’s also hoping his last name won’t be a hindrance to his campaign – though he’s not shying away from the attention, either.

    “I don’t know if it will give me an advantage,” Bieber said. “Any news or advertising to get your name out there is a good thing usually.”

    Adding to the irony, a central plank of Bieber’s campaign is increased funding for crime prevention programs, including drug sniffing police dogs.

    That probably wouldn’t sit well with Justin, who has had his run ins with drug sniffing K-9 units in the past.

    But barring video evidence, we’re going to assume Justin is likely the better dancer.

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