Projet Montreal pushes for Verdun beach

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MONTREAL —; Projet Montreal and the borough of Verdun are looking to collaborate on a project to build a beach.

It’s part of a plan to improve waterfront accessibility in Montreal and provide more swimming spots for its residents.

“Montrealers need a beach to rediscover the pleasure of swimming in the river,” said leader of the official opposition Richard Bergeron of Projet Montreal.

Bergeron first proposed the plan in July 2009. Five years later, there isn’t much to show for it, but he isn’t about to give up. At a press conference Wednesday morning, he told reporters that it’s “time to do something real.”

The Projet Montreal team in the water near Verdun to promote the idea of a new beach in the area on August 6, 2014.

Sebastian Dorval-Gagnon/Global News



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    Verdun’s mayor, Jean-François Parenteau, agreed with the idea to have a beach in the borough —; but what he doesn’t agree with is the proposed location.

    Projet Montreal is suggesting the site behind the Verdun Auditorium on LaSalle Street for its easy accessibility and parking space.

    However, Mayor Parenteau said that spot isn’t safe due to strong currents.

    Currently, swimming in Verdun is permitted, however it’s at the swimmer’s own risk.

    Residents would like to have a safe and supervised spot to take advantage of the water.

    A survey in May showed that 67 per cent of Verduners were on board with the beach project.

    The proposed site for a new beach in the Montreal neighbourhood of Verdun is behind the Verdun Auditorium.

    Sebastian Dorval-Gagnon/Global News

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