Orange zone grey areas clarified

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Watch above: drivers reminded to slow down in construction zones

SASKATOON – The City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Police Service are clarifying the grey areas of work zones.

Although the law asking motorists to slow to 60km/h in constructions zones seem straight forward, it isn’t according to the city’s transportation manager, Angela Gardiner.

“We are seeing people speeding past the construction workers that do have the flashing lights,” said Gardiner.


Gardiner is referring to the orange beacons on pilot vehicles. When workers are setting up a construction zone and haven’t yet posted signs, the orange lights must be regarded as a warning to motorists to slow to 60km/h.

Saskatoon Police Service enforces the traffic bylaw with fines beginning at $210.

Even if you don’t see officers patrolling in the work zone, drivers who speed could still be ticketed. Police encourage construction workers to report any motorists they see breaking the law. According to Staff Sgt. Tony Nadon, all police need to be provided is a licence plate and an eye witness in order to proceed with a charge.

“With the technology of phones these days, it’s pretty easy to get that information,” said Nadon, who confirmed the service has laid a number of charges this way in the past three years.

SGI’s preliminary numbers for 2013 show there were 73 collisions in a work zone on our province’s highways and 126 within city limits. Saskatoon Police Service expects these numbers to decline in 2014, saying motorists in the city have been increasingly compliant this year.

Another area officials are clarifying is construction zones where you don’t see workers present. There may be equipment or other safety hazards in the zone and drivers are still asked to obey the posted speed limits.

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