Notorious sex offender Gregory Venn back behind bars

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CALGARY- A notorious sex offender is once again behind bars, this time accused of stalking and threatening a woman.

51-year-old Gregory Venn has spent time in prison for breaking into women’s homes and raping them. He has been diagnosed a psychopath and was recently charged with criminal harassment and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, after a woman left a southeast Calgary restaurant in May.

“I left the bar, couldn’t get a cab figured I’d walk home and flag down a cab,” Tracy Magnusen remembers.


She soon noticed someone was following her.

“I kept saying to myself ‘walk faster, walk faster, go as fast as you can.’ I could see the 7-11 Petro Canada [store]…and that’s when I went to the clerk.”

The man followed her into the store, but when nothing happened Magnusen decided she’d continue home. Just a short distance away, she encountered him again.

“I said ‘stop following me’ and he got up and started calling me all kinds of names and threatening me,” she says. “[Saying] he’ll slit my throat, he’ll kill me, he was in the [penitentiary] for three years before, he’s not scared to do it.”

Magnusen started to run just as a police cruiser happened to drive by.

Venn has since been charged in the case.

He is expected to take the stand in his own defence later this month. If convicted, the Crown will then decide whether a dangerous offender application will be sought which could mean Venn would be locked up indefinitely.

Gregory Venn.

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