Hundreds of sailors return home to Halifax aboard HMCS Athabaskan

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HALIFAX – It was an emotional day in Halifax as families were reunited when HMCS Athabaskan returned to its home port.

The ship had been deployed as part of Operation CARIBBE, which is Canada’s contribution to a multinational campaign against illegal trafficking by organized crime in the Caribbean basin and eastern Pacific Ocean.

HMCS Athabaskan helped support multiple aircraft patrols and participated in six intercept operations, one of which resulted in the seizure of 820 kilograms of cocaine.



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    “What we did down there, it’s something to be proud of for sure,” said Master Seaman Allan Wrathall. “We flew the flag proudly down there and we accomplished what we wanted.”

    The Royal Canadian Navy has deployed seven warships as part of the operation this year. In total, more than six metric tons of cocaine has been seized to date.

    The Canadian Armed Forces has been conducting Operation CARIBBE since November 2006.

    HMCS Athabaskan spent 53 days away from home, 37 of which were spent at sea.

    “It’s been our longest [deployment] so far,” said Denyse Walker.

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    Walker has two young children and says it was a difficult two months, but she’s proud of her husband.

    “It’s a little difficult, but we got through it,” she said. “A lot of emails exchanged, and when they could, he called, so that kept them in contact and happy.”

    Once the ship carefully made its way into port, families and loved ones of the sailors were invited to climb aboard.

    “We like to welcome the families on board because they’re part of our extended family,” said Cmdr. Matt Plaschka.

    Cpl. Alex Amirault met up with his wife, who is expecting the couple’s second child.

    “It’s good. It’s always good to be back home,” he said.

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