Bluenose II inspection reveals dozens of deficiencies

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HALIFAX – A new report shows Bluenose II’s heavy steel rudder is only the start of the ship’s problems.

Global News has obtained the ship’s latest inspection report. The document lists deficiencies that range from poorly installed masts, to leaky pipes.

In all, 57 deficiencies are listed as “minor” by the Nova Scotia government. The American Bureau of Shipping identifies a handful of others, though many have already been resolved.

One full page and sections from five other pages have been redacted.


The deficiencies the government calls “minor” include: poorly stepped masts, a vent that interferes with an anchor wire, loose deck planks, leaking pipes, and hatchways with missing handrails.


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The section prepared by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) lists numerous additional problems, although many have been resolved.

One outstanding item is the ship’s stability —; the inspection report notes the ABS is still reviewing the stability calculations, and that the review should be complete by Aug. 27.

The ABS also identified “excessive water leakage across Aft Transverse bulkhead.” The report聽notes no action has been taken to remedy the problem, and that the Nova Scotia government accepts all associated risks.

Although the July 27 inspection report turned up dozens of deficiencies, the government still chose to take possession of the ship on July 30. As part of the builder’s contract, the ship comes with a one-year warranty to fix any issues that may arise.

It’s unclear whether the cost to fix these deficiencies will be covered under that warranty, or if they will be added to the ship’s final price.

Prior to the release of the report, Global News requested interviews with Premier Stephen McNeil and Dave Darrow, the senior civil servant assigned to oversee the project. Both were unavailable to comment on any Bluenose-related matters.

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